Most of the public transport in Tenerife takes place by bus. There are express buses that connect the larger towns with each other via the highways, and there are also local buses, known as guaguas. The buses run at frequent intervals and almost around the clock, you can reach all spots in Tenerife with it. So it is analogously on relevant websites about this beautiful island.

The buses are operated by Titsa. On their website there are somehow online timetables. I'm usually not overwhelmed with other bus systems, tariffs and timetables, but here I had to throw in the towel. Jens and I actually wanted to go to Teide, the highest mountain in the Canary Islands. As a result, the consultation of various websites showed that there are exactly two buses in the morning that go to the valley station of the cable car on the Teide. And there are two buses in the afternoon. That doesn't quite fit the tight rhythm. If we had got up at 6:30 a.m., we could have reached one of these two buses. That is out of the question. This time is only available on the Sissi when we are on the move and do our 24/7 operation.

However, we decided not to take a rental car and instead walked to the Intercambiador, the central bus station in Santa Cruz. It is located just under a kilometer from the marina. Both local buses and long-distance buses across the island start there. We go to the information desk and ask for a connection to Vilaflor, a town about 20 km from Teide. We hoped to be able to see and take pictures of the Teide from there.

In the express bus

The friendly lady at the counter explains that we first have to take the express bus to San Isidro, change there to the local bus to El Medano and get a bus to Vilaflor in El Medano. It is easy. The express bus also runs in a quarter of an hour. Great, that's how we imagined it.

On the motorway, the bus driver really accelerates and overtakes what needs to be overtaken. The photo shows the bus in the preferred left lane. San Isidro, 40 km away, is just one stop away.

WiFi in the bus

The bus is not crowded and there is even WiFi. This is not particularly quick, but it is enough for a few visits to websites, sending messages and getting weather data for our Atlantic crossing.

While our bus is still entering the San Isidro bus stop, we see the bus to El Medano rolling towards the stop. A perfect transfer relationship. We are not familiar with this quality from Germany. The local bus to El Medano is also on time and has WiFi. In El Medano, however, the glory is over. We cannot find the timetable for the bus to Vilaflor at the final stop.

A short request from the bus driver who brought us to El Medano shows that there is no bus to Vilaflor. We should get back in with him, he takes us to Granadilla. There we could change to Vilaflor. Okay, we think, then we'll do it this way. The bus goes back to San Isidro, then on to Granadilla.

Bus station in Granadilla

Granadilla is a somewhat sleepy place at the foot of the mountains. We have about half an hour's stay and actually find the clear timetable for the buses to Vilaflor. There are pretty much five connections a day. After all, the notice board has more connections to offer than Google. Google only knows two.

Waiting in Granadilla

Our bus is already there, the driver cannot be seen yet. He comes to his bus on time for departure, opens the door and the few passengers can get on. By the way, there are no tariffs for buying a non-stop ticket from Santa Cruz to Vilaflor; every time you change, you buy a new card.

Bus trip from Granadilla to Vilaflor - the road is still wide here

Then a wild ride on narrow roads into the mountains begins. This bus no longer has WiFi, we would also not have had time to paddle on the cell phones, because the landscape will be beautiful. The paved belt winds higher and higher into the mountains. After all, the highest mountain is over 3000 meters high.

View from the bus to the sea - there are trees on Tenerife (unlike Lanzarote)

We arrive in Vilaflor less than two and a half hours after our departure from Santa Cruz. We get out and walk along the main street. It feels like we're in a different world. Everything is built up and full in Santa Cruz. The streets are bustling and traffic is raging. Vilaflor feels like we've changed the island.

Main street of Vilaflor

Small restaurants, bars and hotels line the main street. Many cyclists use the place to rest. The sun is shining from the sky, but I'm cold. The place is quite high. Why did I leave the sweater on the Sissi? In the middle of the village we find the village square, which is even quite modern. We take pictures like the wild ones.

Jens just took a photo in the central village square

There is a small church above the village square. In contrast to many other churches, it is not closed. That is rare.

Church in Vilaflor

We enter the room of silent prayer to see how this church is designed. The church exceeds our expectations. Although the churches in Spain are often opulently furnished with figures, windows and other jewelry, we would not have expected such a beautiful interior in this small place.

Vilaflor Church (interior)

In fact, people are in the building for prayer even during the week. So this one photo has to be enough, then we leave the church again.

Jörg in Vilaflor

Then Jens catches me with the camera. Fortunately, I am in the shade a bit, so that I can add the picture to my blog with a clear conscience. Then we go back to the bus because we have only 20 minutes until the last bus leaves. Somehow we had forgotten that there are five departures a day. Google insists that the last bus leaves at 1:22 p.m.

Jens walks in Vilaflor

We are at the stop at 1:10 p.m. and read the timetable again. There is another departure at 3:00 p.m. We plan spontaneously. Jens would like to walk a few kilometers along the road to the most beautiful switchbacks. I just want to hang around in town. When Jens is already gone, the bus first drives through at 1:18 p.m. (timetable, not Google). Then an Englishman comes with hiking gear and waits for the bus at 1:22 p.m. (Google, no timetable). I explain to him that his bus has just left and that Google is lying. He doesn't think that's great, but he can't change it either. Now he has to see how he gets his ferry in Santa Cruz at 6 p.m.

An hour later, Jens and I sit in the bar next to the bus stop. We drink a beer on a successful day. Then the trip goes back.

On the way back to Santa Cruz - we'll sail down there in a few days!

We reach our destination on time, find a burger bar with delicious meatballs and good internet. There we hear the first half of our Eintracht's game against Guimaraez. We hear the second half on board, then we celebrate the move into the next round of the European Cup with a real cider. A successful day, even if we have not seen the Teide.

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